Filament LED Market Value Accelerated to US$ 40 million in 2015

The LED filament bulb became popular in the lighting market mainly because major buyers and consumers in decorative lighting, art lamps, chandeliers and classical luminaires were gradually replacing conventional light sources, including filament bulbs and halogen light sources with LED lights. Previously, traditional LED bulbs failed to meet the aesthetic demands of traditional luminaire manufacturers, which paved the way to LED filaments emergence on the market.
LED filaments are mainly applied in A19, A60 and A55 products. Main bulb specs are centered on 450 lm bulbs that use four LED filaments designed to meet B35 and F35 specs, for 250 lm LED candle lights the design uses three filaments. In the application sector, the LED filament bulbs are applied in vintage bulbs, candle lights, light bulbs, and decorative lights for existing and replacement demands. The filament bulb market has continued to expand.
Since 2013, LED lighting manufacturers are actively promoting filament LED lamps, and the revenue and sales of this particular product has markedly risen. In 2015, LED filament lamps entered a fast growth phase, which is expected to boost global shipment volume to over 50 million LED lamps in 2015. LED filament bulbs resemblance to traditional incandescent bulbs has made it a very popular product, moreover since it can be directly installed it has made little impact on European and American consumers’ user habits. These features of LED filament lamps has spurred demands, and brought filament LED market value to an estimated USD 40 million in 2015.

Post time: 04-12-2016